When I first started the Summer Health Coaching Program, I was in a rough spot with my health. I tried Kailee’s “Free Week of Health Coaching” group on Facebook and realized how bad my health really was. At the time I did not meal prep, I was enemies with my gym, and I ate greasy take-out at least 4 times a week. I had recently gained 30 pounds due to a Thyroid issue and I felt sluggish, gross and with no self-esteem at all. Despite my limited discretionary income, I decided to make the investment in Kailee’s Summer Health Coaching group.

Each week, Kailee provided a video in regards to a topic each week. We also had assignments to keep us engaged. While there were some weeks that I struggled to keep up, I can say I tried to participate as much as I could to get the most out of it! Without going into detail on each and every topic I’ve highlighted some main points below:

5 Things I learned through the program:

  1. Meal Prep!I do this every Sunday now and I make so much more healthy choices. Now trying to get the Significant Other in the habit!
  2. Trying new exercises, getting out of comfort zone.I tried a few new classes at my gym that I would have never tried. I also ventured out and hiked new and challenging trails and now I’ve found a new hobby on summiting the small mountains through hiking (no climbing yet!)
  3. All about food.I have been dieting since I was 15. Horrible, low calorie, low fat, I only cared about the number. Kailee taught me that “diets suck” and that counting calories was a bad habit I needed to drop. I stopped counting calories and guess what, the weight still came off! Overall, I lost 8 pounds this summer. She taught me about the importance of breakfast, and fats, and the truth about sugar and gluten.
  4. Dropping Gluten.Towards the end of the program, Kailee reached out to me and provided some feedback on how to assist my thyroid function through food. She steered me to research about gluten and inflammatory diseases. I’ve dropped gluten and since the program, my skin is clear, my brain is no longer foggy, and I am not sleepy any more (that was my major thyroid symptom besides weight gain).
  5. No Stress, Be Creative.Kailee had two wonderful weeks in the program that talked about Stress, and using creativity. I am a naturally stressed and anxious person and the program has helped me harness that stress and turn to writing or painting to get it all out. We also has a creativity week and I made this really unique painting with flowers in it to represent my growth through this program!


What Health means to me:

Health used to mean diet, having the perfect body, being thin and looking beautiful. I used to think that if I was thin enough, everything would fall into place. I would be liked, I would have more money, more opportunities, that I would be perfect. After struggling with my weight and finding this program through Kailee, I have completely changed my mindset. Health to me is being strong and being happy in who you are, even in that moment. Perfection is not possible. I no longer want to be the rail thin, gorgeous, envied girl. I want to be a strong, active, and confident woman that may not be a size 2, but she can chase her children, run the 10K she has always wanted to, have the best relationships with her family and friends, and live a mindful, stress-free and truly happy life. Health to me is being the best person you can be through healthy lifestyle choices by feeding yourself the best nutrients and taking care of your body. Health to me is waking up every day and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and pushing your body to the limit with healthy challenges that help develop your character. Health is finally loving yourself and being happy with who you are and all of your decisions.


2 Bad Habits that I ditched:

  1. The takeout– I used to eat takeout at least 4 nights a week. On Sundays, I would just order a bunch of junk food (you wouldn’t believe how much I would spend) because I was depressed that work would start up again the next day. Now I meal prep and ensure that my Sunday’s are packed with healthy food, some sort of activity to get my heart pumping and preparing for the next day with positivity.
  2. Negative Thoughts –I wouldn’t say I’ve completely ditched this because I think our inner critic shows up every now and then, but I fight her just the same. I’ve resorted to spending 5 minutes every morning journaling my thoughts, worries, and feelings and it helps deter the negative thoughts. The thoughts have most definitely decreased.


Overall, the program was a game changer for me in the best way. I am continuing to lose weight the correct way and love myself all along the way. This journey is one that has a while to go, but I truly believe that without Kailee’s summer program, I would not be where I am today. I would still be sluggish, sad, and frustrated with my health choices and stressful habits. Kaliee’s program does not teach you how to diet. It teaches you how to live and how to be your best self and how to incorporate easy (because they are, trust me) and successful ways you can alter your daily habits to reach your goals and have a healthy mindset while doing it! My life has had several changes, but I am saving up little by little so that I can work with her one-on-one to continue my journey to my best self. Take her class, work with her, you will NOT regret it, I promise!


Charlotte, NC


Stephanie first reached out to me during the Spring of 2017 as she felt she had no control over her health. She had stated she didn’t know if she could afford to work with me, but I asked her to do a free consultation anyway. When I received Stephanie’s health intake form, I knew immediately what I would help her with should she choose to work with me. She was getting take out regularly, making excuses not to exercise, and eating way too many processed foods. She was also very stressed out with work and neglecting to add any self care into her routine. After we chatted a bit, she stated it was just not in the budget to work together. Secretly, I really hoped she would come around and really take charge of her health as I saw some major changes that needed to be made. But everyone’s afraid of change – EVERYONE!

I was so thrilled when Stephanie decided to join my three month Facebook Summer Health Coaching group. She even paid all three months in advance; I knew she was serious. And that she was! Stephanie put SO much into my summer group and saw huge changes. She always stepped out of her comfort zone. When I asked the group to post a video, she jumped right to it; and I know this is uncomfortable for many people. She prepped her food week after week. A couple weeks she had a lot going on, and missed meal prep and realized how beneficial it really was and jumped right back into it. She tried new classes at the gym. She tried new foods. Most importantly – she stopped getting take out every other night!

The best thing I noticed with Stephanie over the summer was her mindset shift. She came to me counting calories and trying to eat very little of them. She didn’t really know much about food itself; just that less would lead to bigger weight loss. This wasn’t her fault! But she was very open to ditching the calorie counting and switching to trusting her body. This isn’t easy, and many people never get there. But I fully believe Stephanie worked really hard to get there. Last week (several weeks after the group ended), when I asked her how much weight she lost, she answered “Still aiming to lose more, but its less about the number now. I’m trying to gain muscle and lose fat so I can be stronger and toned!” As a health coach who promotes self love at every stage, this is the greatest thing I could have heard.

Stephanie is such a hard worker. I believe she is starting to find herself and realize she deserves to feel good and put her health first. She has a lot of stress with work, so the self care week was a good one for her; she had crossed six self care items off her list within one day of starting the week! I believe that all she really needed was a push in the right direction. The group support helped Stephanie a lot, too. She always shared her successes and asked for advice from the other group members. She also always offered encouragement to them. I am so glad she joined my group and gave it her all. She has finally ditched the diet mentality and realize health is a journey, and a lifestyle that takes work, especially at the beginning. I couldn’t be happier for her.