Symptoms of my autoimmune: sluggishness, brain fog, slow metabolism (inability to lose weight) slight eczema, hair loss, intolerance to cold, joint pain, stomach pain, morning fatigue irritability, palpitations, night sweats, emotional labiality, anxiety, feeling hot, trouble sleeping, feeling numb sometimes.  Compulsive eating, binge drinking, sinus problems, allergies to foods. Overweight… no… Obese.

*Also being sick of doctors telling me I should get used to my symptoms or that there was nothing I could do different than take a pill.  The one they felt was best for me.  

Doesn’t paint a very pretty picture but these were items I checked off in the Hashimoto’s Protocol book I was reading. I didn’t get there overnight but it took actually looking at a list to see in a scientific way, to quantify (how my life really sucked lol!) By looking at a list of symptoms and seeing how much my health was really affected I was able to start healing.  Inside out. I started working with a Naturopath.  And I started with the hardest that was food.  I was already learning about my condition but I needed someone who wasn’t a doctor/medicine connected to help guide me and follow my progress.  I wanted to be able to have interpersonal communication where I could ask questions as they came up and not wait for a 30 min appointment in 4 weeks. I was looking for a coach. Kailee and I first started working through an autoimmune paleo diet.  All my life I had eaten gluten in “regular food” and not given it a thought. This is important we pay attention to our gut, as it’s a large part of our bodies.  What it digests affects everything from hormones and absorption to medications. I found that once I had excluded it and worked with supplements from my naturopath I was able to slowly add to my diet the foods I had developed “allergic” reactions to like apples and strawberries. Kailee researched at the library for my medications and found a book for me and I realized I needed to stagger my morning coffee away from my medications to get the best absorption. My eczema cleared away and my hair loss lessened.  Stomach pain is easier to avoid now that I know the triggers.  Night sweats are gone, joint pain too. Through cleaning my diet I helped heal and LISTEN to my body.  Now if I eat gluten I find I expand 4 inches! I know it is not right for me and I need to stay away from it.  

Then exercise.  Its not everyone’s thing but I was doing more than before and not getting anywhere! I was frustrated and doing everything I had done in the past with little to show for it. Kailee was able to put together a schedule of different workouts that kept me moving, interested and changed them if I had difficulty.  I believe my joint pain would have been more of an issue if I hadn’t looked and changed my diet. Part of what Kailee does is provide you feedback about your own changes that you might miss.  Not your scale weight or waist measurements but how you fit in clothes or hitting your goals. This helped with the trouble sleeping, which reduced the anxiety and after awhile palpitations.  She not going to change you into a power lifter, but rather balances the calendar with relaxing, stretching, and functional muscle workouts.  

I opted to work longer with Coach Kailee and she developed a Keto diet plan for me to try and the results were crazy.  Metabolism kicked in and I lost weight; I don’t have those food cravings or binges. It was a diet that was foreign to me and seemed overwhelming to use but Kailee is able to break it down simple.  It is simple if you are true to it; personal accountability. There are things to watch for and just by sending a text Coach Kailee was able to help guide me through the tough times.  Not any doctor I know of will do that at 7:30p.m. and follow it up throughout the week daily.

We moved in other topics in my life as well such as relationships, spirituality and finances.  Something’s didn’t need fixing but having someone coax a question sparks missed connections like how I missed going to church and now I enjoy services in a new way.  Now I have more resources that I can try.  More ways to cope with grief or struggles with sadness.  I am not just an alone single mom.  My eyes were opened to other people like me who struggle and many who have succeeded that I can learn from.  I can find my own path that’s right for me. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Now I have learned so much about my condition, the REAL REASONS my condition causes my body to respond differently to triggers than “normal people”.  Its slow and I worked though 2 different nutritional concepts this summer. I never could have done it on my own or with conventional medical advice.  This is the personal bridge I recommend people use to get results.  Get a Coach.  Patience and persistence are required.  Openness and honesty are required.  Think of a coach as a mirror.  The reflection they show you wont change if you don’t pull off the blanket covering what’s bothering you. Coaches show you how to remind yourself that your worthy.  They show you how to deal with cravings, disappointment and doubt.


St. Albans, VT

Kailee’s Response to Terri’s Program

When Terri first came to me, she had already been researching her challenge (Hashimotos – an autoimmune thyroid challenge (I hate the word disease/illness) She had lined up a naturopath and was referred to me in her search for a health coach. She had started a path on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. She admitted to not doing much, being pretty sedentary and (before she started the healthy path of eating  a month or two prior to us meeting) eating like crap. A lot of the time was spent in the car so she’d get quick bites on the go and was eating out regularly.

The first thing we discussed and worked on was meal prepping and planning. It was crucial for Terri in her success throughout the past six months. The first time she showed up to our session with a cooler bag I grinned such a big grin inside. Her “challenge” means having to cut out gluten and sometimes other foods, so staying on track is a lot harder. But she got the hang of meal planning fast! I had her eat breakfast every day- something she wasn’t used to doing. She will never admit it, but just these two things proved how much of a rockstar she was right off the bat. She took every suggestion and piece of advice I gave her right from day one and ran with it. No matter how small the challenge, she never had an excuse.

One of Terri’s biggest goals was to teach her two little kids the importance of good health. Terri is an AWESOME mother raising two beautiful kids alone after the passing of their father. So we came up with an exercise plan that she could do at home or at the track. The first time we talked about exercise (four months ago, terri!) the idea of just walking with the kids around the block was a new idea. We thought this would be a  great way to get movement in while getting the kids involved. Let’s just say, 4 months later, the kids have been to the track like 300000 times, one of them running their first mile with Terri (she was 5!), and the other handing her water every lap. One of those track runs was 5 miles long!! Terri set out to run a 5k on her own and guess what, she did. Hashimotos and all. From someone who was sedentary, sluggish, had joint pain, to go to running this much says a LOT about the effort she put in, day after day. The workouts I wrote for her were NOT easy by any means, either. I did one with her one day and, well, I’m glad I’m not the one who had the plan!

Terri is a very modest woman. I see that a lot with clients- they don’t like to give themselves credit. So one thing  I had Terri do throughout our five months together was always notice small wins. Because small wins are what matter- they’re part of the journey. They’re what lead to the big win. At first it took prompting. Activities like “write three things you like about yourself,” or asking her what her wins for the day were. Sometimes when things weren’t going so great, I’d ask her, what’s going good, and she’d say “well I made it here. (to our session). And while she might not see that as a great, big win, to me it is. She could have cancelled. Backed out. Given up. But she came. And she showed up every week. She even signed on to work together for another three months. The last couple of months, she’s noticed her small wins without my prompting. She got a new fitness planner and was super excited about planning out her meals and workouts in it (win), got her boating license she had been working on (win), went down a pant size (win), belt fit looser (Win)… it’s hard for us to realize our own small wins but with enough positive self talk (and sometimes having someone prompt you here), it becomes habit.

It wasn’t until our second go around where I had her try out the keto diet. The first three months I spent with Terri I wanted her to focus on all areas of health (nutrition, relationships, physical activity, spirituality, career) before I made any drastic changes. And we did just that. After I felt she had a good handle on whole foods eating and exercise (I had her find her own recipes up until this point, experiment with foods, etc), I had her give the keto diet a try. The results were DRASTIC for Terri. Four weeks into the plan, she has lost another 10 pounds, PASSED HER PT TEST FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS!!!, not drinking alcohol, not binging, and is feeling good. She even said she is now not “totally keto” but for the most part, which is music to my ears. I always want clients to listen to their body.

I can not say enough good things about Terri. She is such a great role model for her children and other women. I am so glad she took the jump to put herself first for once, and take charge of her health. She deserves to feel great. And I know this is a journey for her, but she’s kicking ass. It makes me sad that soon she won’t need me anymore! Thank you Terri for being such an inspiration to me. You have come SO far.