Are you overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF you have? Are you stressed out every time you walk into your bedroom, living room or basement? You’re not alone. Many of my clients feel very disorganized and overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have accumulated at home. Once we are too overwhelmed, starting the process of decluttering can be daunting so we neglect it while more stuff piles up. This greatly affects our health, especially our mental health. Physical clutter overloads our senses and impacts our ability to think sharply. It promotes procrastination, irritability and a stressful home environment. Studies show that a cluttered home impacts our motivation to eat healthy and exercise.

If you need a hand in helping you tackle organization projects, whether it be as small as organizing a desk or as large as completely sorting through your entire home, I can help. I will help you start with small areas that are the most overwhelming. Together, we will decide what to keep, what to give away and what to trash.

Outside of our scheduled time, you will receive a few homework pieces that you can do on your own. These will include any areas we did not get to or that I feel you can accomplish on your own. But I will ask for pictures for proof 😀


Cost: $30 per hour OR $25/hour if over 4 hours total (can be split over several days if needed)