As an engaged woman, the wedding day countdown was going by so fast and I wanted to look phenomenal while waking down the aisle towards my husband!

I had been friends with Kailee over social media for years and was always throughly impressed with not only her work ethic but with her honesty. During our first meeting, I found the goals to be simple, BUT with a great outcome! While I was nervous about taking on weightlifting I fell in love with it instantly. During the three months that I worked with Kailee, one of the strongest impacts was being able to check in with her. She provided insight into why I was supposed to be doing certain workouts or eating certain things. One of the strongest take aways was how important rest days were, and listening to your body. Kailee isn’t just a trainer, she’s a Health and Wellness coach, which overall did so much for my overall health and well being. At no time did I starve, find the work outs too much, or feel left with unanswered questions. Kailee had a positive impact on my transformation for my wedding day, where I felt strong and beautiful.
While this was my first time ever working with a coach, I walked away STRONGER, healthier and more importantly, having a great first impression working with a coach. I would highly recommend Kailee to anyone interested in working with a coach. Most impressive was when she would do the workout with me! She’s not hidden behind a computer screen, counting you as another number. She’s thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and most importantly a person who will always have your best interest at heart. If something worked great one week but not the next, she would modify it. If the food plan wasn’t leaving me satisfied, it was immediately modified and she would respond instantly!
Beginning any transformation can be scary, especially into the unknown setting of a gym. BUT if you are being guided by a true PROFESSIONAL, you will not only succeed, you will surpass ALL of your goals and be pleasantly surprised will how much stronger you are!
A huge thank you to Kailee for working with me and forever leaving a positive impact on my life.

Burlington, VT


Krystal came to me for help getting into shape for her wedding which was three months away. I typically don’t help individuals get ready for a specific day/event, but my gut told me to take her on as a client. At the time, she wasn’t exercising and was eating typical “busy american life food”, as I call it. Vending machines and quick bites on the go. Her first day we went over some goals. NONE of them included losing weight, as I never allow my clients to make a specific weight a goal. For example, one of her first smaller goals was to cut out fries (a weakness of hers). A bigger goal was to start weight training. Her overall goal, when we first met, was to look great in her dress. Little did she know, she would already look great in her dress the day we began. I had bigger goals for Krystal – she was already beautiful inside and out on our first day. I gave her a workout plan the first week. Krystal took it and WENT! She was you-tubing how to do all the moves and although at first was a little intimidated about being in the gym, quickly got over this fear and lifted the crap out of some weights! I worked out with her once and was blown away by how strong she was. She also changed her eating without me giving her a specific plan. It was simple – she would cut out crap and incorporate healthier options. Less eating out and more meal prep was key for her.

The reason I was able to help Krystal on the physical health (exercise and nutrition) aspect of wellness was because Krystal is very satisfied in all other ares that contribute to health (relationships, career, education, finances, etc). Most clients are lacking in many areas, so I tend to help them see where in life they can really alleviate some stress to become healthier, while also working on the exercise and nutrition part of it. Krystal is not a typical individual; she is truly happy in all these other areas in life and really wanted to focus solely on the physical activity / nutrition. She put in everything she had to working with me. The best part of working with Krystal is she ASKED QUESTIONS! She wanted to know why she was doing things. This is so important to me as a wellness coach. It is why I never prescribe food plans. I want my clients to learn. I want them to pay me to hold them accountable while also learning about health and wellness. There were never too many questions; I am so glad she was comfortable enough to e-mail me as much as she wanted.

Krystal would get frustrated with the weight loss part at times, but I reassured her she was doing great despite what the scale said. I asked her to focus more on the things she was gaining. One of these things was strength. She loved feeling strong in the gym. She was always working towards a new dead-lift PR (she had NEVER dead-lifted before working together!). I asked her for a specific goal about a month out from her wedding. That goal was to deadlift 200 lbs.

She lifted 200 lbs before her wedding. She also looked beyond beautiful at her wedding. Most importantly, she worked her butt off and learned so much about herself during this process. I couldn’t be more proud of Krystal in this journey. She is truly a rockstar.

PS She also ran a half marathon RIGHT after we finished our program!