When I started working with Kailee I had a very narrow view of health. To me, health was working out 6 days a week, and always eating perfectly. I had an all or nothing attitude, and when I would inevitably fail I would give up on being healthy for the week, and feel defeated. Working with Kailee helped me see a different, more holistic side of health. I am now much better at setting reasonable goals, and taking pride in my accomplishments. Life is short, and any type of health goals that make you unhappy is never worth it! Kailee helped me make easy changes (like eating a good breakfast) that helped put me in a good state to make me make lifestyle changes.



I first met with Allie (name has been changed for this testimonial) for a one time one – on – one session. The recommendations she left with included to eat a bigger breakfast, cut back on coffee, cut back on eating out and schedule her eating. Like MANY clients, she would skip breakfast (well – have coffee for breakfast) and be starving by the time she finally “got to eat.” I knew right away that she would benefit from simply eating a nutritious breakfast. Four months later, she is still eating breakfast daily and understands how helpful it is for her body and her mindset for the rest of the day. During this session, though, I got a good idea of what was really going on. She was, like many women, so focused on pleasing everyone else (doing all the chores, cooking, etc) that she was forgetting to take time to 1. pat herself on the back daily for how amazing she is and 2. take care of herself.

Allie joined my 12 week group program (a Facebook exclusive program) right after our initial meeting. She paid the whole three months up front, and never missed a week – she participated weekly and gave the program everything she could. Her favorite weeks were “goal setting” and “self care” – as I could have imagined in the first session we had together. She wasn’t used to taking the time for herself to sit down and write out what she really wanted to achieve. What SMALL steps she could take to feel better about herself. This week allowed her to do just that. During our 12 week program I asked the participants to do something creative for themselves. She shared with the group that she loves writing, and took the week to get back to writing a book she hadn’t touched in a while.

Allie’s transformation to me has nothing to do with physical, but everything to do with mental. She did not start exercising a ton more (she already works out regularly – but she did pick up a few tips while in my group)! And she did not drastically change her eating habits (although has been making better choices!) But what she did do was work on her mindset week after week. She has shared with me more than once that working together has helped her realize that the all or nothing mindset is not one that will ever provide us with long term success or happiness. She has come to a point where she knows she can eat a chocolate here or there, or make the option to choose something healthier – but either choice will be okay.

There was one week she was going on a trip and asked what she could do to lose a few pounds for this trip. My response was one she didn’t want to hear (you don’t need to lose a few pounds for this trip), but I am confident now that she would agree.

Thank you for your confidence in me and thank you for your persistence and determination. Keep putting yourself at the top of your list, where you deserve to be.