Like most people, I used to think being “healthy” was all about eating vegetables and having a phenomenal physique. I believed that if I had all that right, I would be not only healthy, but happy, too! I spent years trying to achieve this.¬†Hours in the gym and pre-weighed meals out of tupperware made me that “motivational” fitness girl who appeared healthy as can be. In September of 2015 I became an IFPA Figure Professional, and days later it hit me.

I finally did it, I achieved the perfect fit body I wanted; so why didn’t I feel healthy or happy?

Ok I didn’t figure it out overnight, but in summary here’s what I was learning:

Health goes beyond the plate and beyond a physical appearance; health isn’t measured by a scale or in inches. I was so focused on being fit that I was neglecting other areas in my life- all which contribute to overall health.

I went to college for accounting and finance because A. I was good at it and B. Because I always thought money equaled success. College was a blast but let’s be honest, I never really thought I’d have a fun time doing accounting forever. I spent seven long years in the finance field, always contemplating my next job. I chased the temporary high of a new position, not slowing down to fix the real problem; I hated finance. How was I ever going to be happy or healthy in a job I hated?! I know- you’re starting to ask yourself the same thing.

Over the course of a couple months, I started having these epiphanies, realizing I was always chasing temporary highs. New jobs, placings at competitions, new relationships when one came to an end, shopping trips. The trend here? None of it was sustainable. I couldn’t be happy long term while chasing highs.

With the help of my fiance, I decided to completely ditch the finance career. At the time I was working as a Corporate Lender at a local bank. This meant giving up great pay along with a lavish way of living, getting out of my comfort zone, and chasing my real passion. I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach. I wanted to help people with something I believe is so important; health.

Despite years of suggestions to become a personal trainer, I decided to focus on overall health and wellness as I truly believe fitness is only a small piece of the health puzzle.

So that’s how I got here.

Besides being a health coach, I am in love with a man who helped me get here and am a step mother to two amazing girls. I gave birth to my own angel, Jace, on October 11, 2016. We have a dog, Duncan, too. In one year’s time I left my full time career, enrolled in school again at 27, became engaged to a man and his two girls, gave birth, ¬†and started my own business. I spend my week days holding a baby in one arm while trying to accomplish many things. I gave up trying to do things by the book and continue to let Jace sleep in our bed. I enjoy craft beer and chocolate; sometimes this is my dinner. I still enjoy as much time at the gym lifting heavy weight as I can. My life is chaotic but my life is amazingly beautiful. My heart is full. I have found health and I have found my self.