“Know what’s healthier than kale? A good relationship with food.”

This has been one of the most positive and encouraging experiences I’ve had, and to think it’s been less than a month!
Wellness Client

I can help you:

If you live a constant life of “dieting,” and always gain the weight -back once you realize the diet is not sustainable long term.
If you know what your goals are but the lack of accountability is holding you back.
If you know exercise is needed in your life but can’t get motivated to implement it.
If you are so anxious that you can never enjoy the present moment
If you have no one to talk to about things that really matter in life
If you want to lose weight and gain energy.
If you are having a hard time finding balance in your chaotic life.
If you want to stop smoking cigarettes.
If you’re an emotional eater or would like a better relationship with food in general.
If you simply want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start.
If you are generally unhappy in life.
If you want to have a healthy and fit pregnancy.

My Approach

Self-Care / Spirituality

Career / Finances


Physical Activity & Nutrition


  • I am focused on overall health and wellness, starting with self love.
  • I believe the food you put in your mouth comes second to the food you feed your spirit (career, relationship, physical activity, spirituality).
  • I believe in balance and moderation in all areas. I will never forbid any certain food.
  • I believe the “why” behind desired change is the most important piece to the puzzle.
  • I know the importance of accountability. Bad habits are hard to kick and good ones are hard to start. I will keep you accountable to the health and wellness goals you set for yourself on day one with me. It’s up to you to make the change. We will meet in person regularly; it’s harder to fib that way.
  • I am not a doctor. You do not come into my office and get a diagnosis and a prescription. I get to know YOU as an individual ant not just another “case.” I will work with you to get to the root cause of YOUR specific issues and ailments.
  • I believe that food is medicine.
  • I believe one diet does not fit all. Every body is different. I am educated in nutrition and can work with you to find what suits your body and lifestyle best.
  • I am not google. In a world of information, my job is transforming you, not solely informing you. However, I do have an extensive personal background in fitness and am educated on many dietary theories and will offer materials on such.
  • I will help you make positive changes in a challenging but fun way. It will be a safe place for you to be open with me and honest with yourself. You will feel overwhelmed at times, but in the end experience a great sense of accomplishment. And most importantly, you will love yourself again.