I am Kailee, a chaos coordinator of three littles plus one big (my husband), a business owner, a wellness coach, a fitness enthusiast and a craft beer lover. I have a lot of stories to tell, so here I am dishing out my past week for your entertainment, my memory, and to find the hidden beauty in a week of non stop chaos.

Preschooler Lessons: Sophia  started preschool this week full time. For the most part, it’s because three year olds like to do a lot of stuff. Coming up with things to do all day long with her is harder than a full time job (last week I came up with slime and puzzles then was exhausted). Although I will miss her helping me clean the house to kill time. At first, we were a bit nervous about the transition. She is a little shy, hard headed, persistent little girl who would rather hang with Daddy than other kids her age. She told me last week that she would not be going to school (after a rough transition day with Daddy) and on Monday she cried at drop off. But clearly, she was just tricking us, because she ended up having a great week, loving preschool and I am now figuring out why:

  1. you get praised for taking naps (the longer, the better)
  2. hell, you get to take a nap every day
  3. you get praised for drinking your water
  4. you get praised for eating your lunch and snack
  5. you get to swing every day – when it rains, you get to have a dance party inside
  6. the other kids give you hugs when you’re upset
  7. …this one is a little lengthier but my big ah-ha moment. Friday as I was picking Sophia up, one of the other little girls said to me, “I like your dress, it’s really pretty!” I said, thank you! Then she says, “I like your hair style!” I said, thank you, I just cut all of it off. Then she says, “I like your whole body!” OK I get it Sophia, it now all makes sense why you love it. SIGN ME UP FOR PRESCHOOL.


Also, according to Sophia, pigs probably eat donuts.

On Sophia’s first day of school, she asked me when her bus was coming. She’s 3.

In Baby News: Jace was doing so great with sleep – I’m talking 11 hours straight every night. Then, he reminded me that with babies, nothing ever stays the same. He’s been up regularly at 4:30 am, just giggling away as if he know’s he’s destroying my entire day. Last night was better; it was 1:30 and then again at 3:30. It reminds me of the newborn days (okay that lasted 10 months for us). I am semi delusional all day long when this happens, but still manage to GSD (get shit done). THESE are the moments I truly feel moms are super human. Lesson learned, here, though – even if Jace is tired at 5:30PM, he will NOT be put down before 6:30 anymore.

While on NO sleep Thursday, Jace and I managed to go to costco (side rant- costco for our family isn’t just for toilet paper and diapers. We do our grocery shopping at Costco every two weeks , so a trip to costco is not a small task) on our own, then to CVS, then to Shaws. Then we managed to unload the entire car, take Duncan for a walk, clean the dishes and pick up the house, all before we had to go pick Sophia up from school. I got some work done here and there, messaged clients, got anxiety about getting the dog to pee (has been an issue), picked up toys about 400x and listened to whining for about 10 hours total from a baby who doesn’t ever want me to put him down. Then I ran a (free) bootcamp at our park in the evening.

Ok listen, I was a commercial lender and a business analyst in my past years. But no day, NO DAY, was ever as hard as a day like this. And we have “this day” once every couple of weeks. I used to judge stay at home moms ALL THE DAMN TIME. Like “you’re so lucky you get to stay at home and have time to do all these errands all day.” I AM SO INCREDIBLY SORRY to all of those moms who I ever thought that about. YOU ARE THE REAL MVP. I do not discredit AT ALL working moms, I KNOW it’s hard. All I’m saying is stay at home moms are also superwomen.

We also started swim lessons this week. They actually started last week but I had a mommy fail moment by drinking a few too many beers the night before at a wedding - still can't decide if I feel guilty or not.

Jace also started swim lessons this week. Actually, they started last week, but we missed it. I’m still feeling guilty about having too many drinks at a wedding the night before. I think I made up for it by getting him a munchkin doughnut on the way today.

Birthdays: This past week, I have been trying to figure out what to get the girls for their birthdays this year (both in November, obviously right before Christmas). On this topic, I will say I hope if we ever have another baby that he/she doesn’t come in Oct-Dec. Jace’s birthday is right before the girls’. It’s exhausting to think about. I digress. The past two years we have spent way too much on gifts for them (in my opinion) for birthdays and Christmas. It dawned on me when we were moving this summer and more than half the boxes were filled with toys they never touch, some which i’m sure we’re still paying for on credit cards. I grew up in a family where we were pretty spoiled with gifts. So I tend to do the same. But as an adult, I look back and can’t remember for shit any of the gifts I even got. I remember doing things with family, but never GETTING things. I mean I remember getting things, but not what I got – you know what I mean. Anyway, I am making it a goal to spend $100 on their birthdays (together). This is about $300 less than we spent last year. THIS IS A HARD TASK. I got some good suggestions but here’s where we stand (Jon, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re on board 😉 )

  1. Blank tee shirts with a tee shirt designing kit (blank tees done but got lost here at the store as there are a million ways to make tee shirts… tie dye, fabric markers, fabric paints; the list goes on and I have limited patience)
  2. Movie Tickets
  3. Puzzles for Sophia (done)
  4. Pajamas (done)
  5. Card games for lily – Go Fish, etc (done)
  6. A sleeping bag and flashlight for each
  7. Binoculars to share

Lily’s sport, whichever she decides to sign up for (she said baseball last week, which we have no idea where that came from) will also be considered a birthday gift and we will take the girls to do a few things during the holiday season which we will creatively come up a way to “gift” to them.

How much do you spend on birthdays? I’m sure it’s too much. We all know THINGS don’t matter yet we all feel guilty when we don’t give enough things. BUT I do know one day the kids will appreciate this, as I do today. I actually wish  my parents spent a lot less on “stuff” now that I am an adult and pay bills.

On this note, Jace’s FIRST birthday is in less than a month. Jace will be getting a couple things from the dollar general (trucks), a cake, and a nice onesie that says “My First Birthday” for photo ops. Until he is done playing with night lights, the toilet bowl, remote controls (specifically to take the batteries out) and his sisters pajamas, I will enjoy keeping baby spending to diapers, pirate booty, and infant tyenol.

One thing we do is celebrate as a family with pizza, cake and decorations. Jon always wears the hats the best.

One thing we do always do is celebrate each kid with dinner/cake and decorations. They like this more than the gifts. Jon always wears the hats the best.

Random Rants and Thoughts:

1. Dog won’t pee/poop: I don’t get this and I’m stressed writing this. Duncan always goes pee/poop out back. This past week he’s like terrified of the back yard. Obviously he’s traumatized by something, but we have no idea what. But it’s been stressful. I literally cried the last time I was out there for 20 minutes trying to get him to pee after 15 hours of not going.

2. Props to Preschool: For feeding the kids broccoli/grape tomatoes with hummus/ranch. IMPRESSIVE even getting them to touch it.

3. Being a parent: When you become a parent, your desires come second to your children’s wellbeing. For example, we have to get shitty protein powder instead of the good stuff in order to pay for school photos next week. For example, if a child wants to play with you and you really have no energy, you play with that kid. For example, if your kids need stability in their life, you do EVERYTHING you can to give them that. For example, we NEVER buy ourselves new clothes but the kids have new wardrobes each week (I swear). For example, I would rather NOT do a hundred loads of laundry each week, but the kids deserve to be able to wear clean, good smelling clothes that LOOK presentable to school each day. For example, I’d rather not have to deal with trying to get these kids to eat healthy foods, as it’s a lot of work as a parent, but I know it’s beneficial to their wellbeing so I push, each day, to get them to eat healthy. For example, I’d love for us to be able to get out every weekend as a couple, but financially and physically right now that isn’t what’s most important; our kids are. YES we might feel we “deserve” more for ourselves, but that doesn’t matter. When you become a parent, your kids come first. You think about what’s good for them  maybe not even right this moment, but in their future (possibly even fifteen twenty thirty years from now). What’s best for them comes first. PERIOD. Hardest, but best job ever. And to my husband (Jon), we are doing a damn good job at this. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our children.

4. Swim lessons at 8:30 am every Saturday: I love my kids, so I sign them up for shit like this. But really, this is way too early.

5. Shameless is the best show ever. Raunchy, but just a perfect way to wind your day down when the kids are asleep.

 6. Health and Wellness: Read my next blog post which will be categorized under health and wellness – you know, my other career second to being MOM. Tips on adrenal fatigue and willpower.