Sometimes, life gets really hard. For everyone. For me, that’s right now. BUT today, I took a shower.

We’re selling our condo and buying a new home. I’m a full time mom of an infant and started a business two months ago on my own. We are planning a wedding. My fiance is back in school. We have a 7 and 3 year old part time.

Okay sounds pretty simple. BUT the sub-list is never ending. Selling a condo has proven to be the most tiring experience. From having to get the house in order for showings, appraisals, inspections to getting the dog out for each of these (thank god for our neighbors). Then the fire marshal comes in to do the fire and safety inspection and gives me a list of 100 things that need to be done. Things that if this was a single family home could have just been skipped (note: don’t buy a condo again). One item is have a heating system inspection. Gas guy comes today and does that- new list of 5 things that need to be taken care of before he can sign off. Plus he was here forever and they charge $100 an hour. Need plumbing and mechanical workers. Need fireplace people (who just came two months ago) to come fix their mistakes they made. Electrician comes to assess electrical work and then bails five days later. Need new electrician. Windows need to be replaced. OH and then after two months of being under contract, our buyers are unable to buy our condo.

The baby is crying.  A lot. Gas guy is rambling and Jace is overtired and desperately needs a nap. Gas guy leaves.

I have clients to e-mail. I have to order wedding invitations and get over to the hotel to give them the signed contract. I have to keep working on my new website which I’ve spent the past 48 hours making (but its nice though!). I need to get caught up in the class I am taking for work. There are toys everywhere that need to be picked up. I need to design a new exercise plan for myself. I need to get to the mall because wedding bands are in and I need to pick one. I want to cook something for dinner. I have an electrician to call, a fire place company to call, solar panel people to call, my realtor to call. I need to empty the laundry basket. I need to organize all these scattered papers into folders. I need to type up a client’s plan. I need to get more clients. I need to start my new online program.The toilet needs to be cleaned.

And you know what I did when Jace went down for his 30 minute nap? I put my phone down. I showered, cut my toenails, brushed my teeth, put makeup on, put REAL clothes on (rarity when you’re a SAHM). I asked myself, “what would I tell my clients?” It’s what I say every day. Self care should be a priority. It is essential to your mental wellbeing and it’s the number one thing we don’t make time for. Before exercise, eating healthy, getting shit done – taking care of YOURSELF comes first. I could have tried to knock out five things on my list while Jace napped. But I would have still been in baggy clothes, felt gross and dirty, and likely would have headed straight to the kitchen to pick at food instead of getting anything done.

So today, my biggest accomplishment is taking a shower and relaxing during Jace’s nap. The list is still there. And I feel much more energized to get some things crossed off. I also feel pretty, happier, calmer and more confident.

I even took my first selfie in forever!